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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Getting Your Site Indexed

Summary of this Page
Now that we have a basic knowledge of Search Engines, and a bit of SEO, it is time to start the long proccess of getting your site fully indexed, and ranked. Although it may take a month or two to get your site indexed fully if your lucky, there are ways to speed the proccess up. We will try to tell you everything you need to know about getting your site indexed on this page.
How to Get Indexed

Getting Indexed
First of all, you must remember that the only way to get search engines to crawl and/or index your website and its pages, is to get search engines to notice you. How do you get their attention you ask? The answer is through links. Your website will get lost in the web if there are no pages linking to it. Getting links is the most important part of trying to get indexed.

Submitting Your Site
Another way to try to get indexed, is to submit your sites to search engines that accept link submmissions. But remember, this is not in any way a gaurenteed way to get your site indexed, let alone crawled. So don't depend on the submission pages of search engines to get indexed. Rather, focus more on links, and getting links from other pages. But don't get me wrong, submitting your site won't in any way hurt you. If anything, it would help.
How to Get Links
There are a ton of ways to get links. Getting links can be as easy as asking a friend to link to your site. You can get links through submitting your website to directories, exchanging links with other webmasters, and helping of webmasters in return for a free link. We are going to discuss each way in detail below.

I'll assume you know what a directory is. If you don't, look on previous pages of thise guide, or on google. Directories are an excellent way to get your site noticed. When you get accepted on directories, your link is put on the page for the catagory of your site. Then, the next time the search engine's crawler comes around, it sees your link, and then possible crawls your site and indexes it in return. Try to submit to search engines with high PageRank catagory pages. This will help get the crawler to see your link faster if they accept you. If your having trouble finding any directories to submit to, there is a useful directory list by clicking here.

Link Exchanges
Participating in link exchanges is a great, and efficient way to get search engines to come to your site, by following a link on the linking page. The easiest way to find people who are willing to exchange links with your site, is to go to webmaster forums, like and start a topic asking for one in the marketplace forums. This is the easiest way to do it.

Doing Favors for Links
Many people on forums like and other webmaster forums are more than willing to give you a quality link if you can help them in some way. Maybe your a superior web designer. Why not make a simple logo for them for a quality link? Or if your a good programmer, many people will give you links for your services. So give it a try, and go to www.sitepoint/com on their forums, and post asking for a mlink in exchange for your services.

How Long Does it Take?

When Will I Get Indexed?
This all depends on the search engine, and how many links you have from other sites. If you get some quality links, it shouldent take more than a week or two to get indexed. So just be patient, and keep building your links.


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